Saturday, November 16, 2013

Encouraging the Burn

Disconnected pieces,
from the same fragile things,
trying to erase the madness
but these kind of stings
linger and stay, they seem
to leave a stain and when the
flood gates open there is
surely no reasoning...
For the tide is high and always
changing, for the elements
are forever deceiving. And
there is no means to an end
while we're here, patrons in a
deathly scare, an audience begging
to look a different way,
we're circulating in this tailspin.
And while the mayhem continues
to unfold we try to harbor
mixed emotions in the centerfolds
of old photo albums we're
encouraging ourselves to burn.

Saturday, November 9, 2013


words sit perched on the tip of my tongue, 
and into the cold world. lifted by a slight exhale, 
we see these words flutter to a spark
that rests within the lining of your coat. 
i pray for my words to linger there long enough 
to ignite and send the exact meaning of what i am trying 
to confess throughout your body. 
my words, airborne and alive, 
search within your warmth for a spot to untangle 
it's punctuation and truly come alive.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Artist and Tenant

i'd like to trace a map
on your skin with the
tip of my finger. it sounds
like this has been done before
but not with your skin, and
not with my finger. we ought
to create this picture.
i'd like to etch a canvas
of vast wonders and rolling
hills on the curve of your
shoulder blade and create this
every lasting river that would work
it's way through the buckles
of your spine. i want to draw
these feverish trees 
that would outstretch to grasp your own
arms, a companionship. i want to
live in the picture, be warmed
by your warmth. i want to be the
artist and the tenant. i'd
like for you to carry this picture
around under your clothes and bring
it back to me to further explore.
i want to find pieces of you
finding pieces of me and
then our fingertips could create
a different kind of picture,
a mix matched image of each other.