Sunday, June 30, 2013

Questions Lips Dodge

A smudge appears on the transcript of our history and in the now you seem to avoid the void from where we disconnected to our greetings today. A strange feeling creeps along the dashboard as we roll toward a nostalgic broom closet and allow low lighting to incubate what once was, what might be, and truly what was meddled with in the beginning. And all the while I teeter on the verge of amusement and sadness because I'm not sure where to look, where to focus.. for what is the purpose of all of this and I have far too many questions you would love to dodge. I let me eyes linger on the corner of your lips equally pissed and intrigued by what I want to do with them.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Winning Nights

Twisted nights are the products of the crumpled sheets and lust is mispronounced as love but when I asked for one lump of sugar, one means one. Credits flick onto the television screen and projects a liquid light into the living room, which happens to be a room you never actually live in because I feel more alive in the kitchen then I do where the television sits on it's stand and brags about shit I may or may not want. But in the kitchen I feel full and I feel appreciated as I try and succeed and fail and succeed anyway. The TV is begging for us to sit down but we're taking it to the bedroom to wind down and meet back in the kitchen to make eggs that match the sun. And our crumpled night made lust twisted sheets. But we didn't break down in front of the television in defeat. We have won another night. 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Becoming Moronic Fiends

Moments began to run into one another and we didn’t even notice. It was happening so naturally that when something bad came along it seemed to threaten our entire existence. We pleaded with a temporary god to save us from ourselves. We begged for indifference because we feared that things would change. There was a make-believe notion that we could save whatever we held onto, so we’d cling to one another slowly dissolving into the world and into ourselves and even into each other… there we would stay, not for long, but long enough for us to realize our world was changing. We'd become these moronic fiends for the way things once use to be, but it would never get back all the way. Moments began running away from us and we thought we had been the ones running. It wasn't until we stopped and looked around that we realized we hadn't gone anywhere, we were wasting away in our own created nightmare.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Internet Will Never Care

I could write you letters and tell you all about my days, but it would amount to nothing because of the modern plague. The social stance on our media has invaded all the things we do, adding them up and subtracting things making their value way past due. And I could describe the sky that reigns over me here, but compared to the graphics on your screen, well you wouldn't really care. And all the while, while I am here, you are there, and the Internet intercepts our way of life making you less aware; so do not disconnect your electronic self, but return your thoughts to a paper based perspective so that I will have something to hang onto and something to feel. And something to embrace because the Internet will never care.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Contribute or be Contributed

strangers passed along a busy street and only noticed each other's feet. 
the same clear sky dimmed above their heads but with necks craned down
they all seemed dead. stranger's went about their day, inhaling the same air, 
again and again. recycled ideas expanded on their desks; 
along with the headaches and pains in their chests. 
pressure built inside their spaces; offices growing dank with cases, 
nothing new just the same old faces.
the world grew strong in a concrete mass,
both rising and falling in another blast.
the people continued on their way,
never worrying about a day,
for they new their end would come without a say,
allowing them to start again.
and that is all they really wanted, was a faultier system
and empty promises, something they could lay their
blame; for they hadn't really contributed anything either way.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Consume and Kill Each Other

we breathed in the madness that was collecting
in the night around us, we had contributed such
sordid ideas with quick glances and shuffling feet,
we had wanted to be so near and so far from one
another all at once that we didn't know what
to do with all our thoughts but let them fall
over our lips and into the company of our
present, they looked at us, stunned and
conflicted. the wheels in their heads started
to spin and we willed the grit to settle on their
shoulders so that they could take some of our
weight. the wait we had for each other was
long over, fizzled out, now flat like soda left in
it's can out in the sun for hours, stung by bees
wanting to dance in it's syrup... 
we were so deathly sweet for each other and it
was all melting, all the chocolate kisses
now laid stale and broken and we wanted
the entire night to be aware of our battling
desire to both consume and kill each other.
the night so raw, exposed you exposing me
exposing you while the madness settled
and the whispers died to a silent vibration,
your cellphone sizzled on the table;
your other begging you to give up on me.