Friday, April 29, 2016

Promises of a Cool-Sided Pillow

The kind of sleep that 
doesn't quite grab you
Hovering just above the
ticking of the clock 
Swimming amongst a
sound that is surely 
sure to be alarmed 
Just outside yourself
with one foot behind
Reality becoming dreams
and then quickly tumbling
into nightmares with trick
doors that don't bring you
back to the surface 
You're in such a good place
right in the warm spot with 
the promise of a cool-sided pillow
Maybe breakfast in bed…
Wide awake and wild eyed
Half remembering yet half asleep 

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Chiclet Chit Chat

Charming trouble. 
Fishing for a loophole.  
Fire foxtrot, you dancing?
Constellation connections,
cosmic dots are festering. 
Chiclet chit chat,
the smallest bits of flavor. 
All throne, no game;
would you like to have seat?
Bedazzled embezzlement,
shuffling the information. 
Using up all the space, 
fun filing all the goodie bags
from parties we haven't RSVP'd to. 
Invitations lost in the mail,
friend request pending…

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

You're Looking Mighty Feline

curiosity killed the cat 
you're lookin' mighty feline
rushing towards something
you're not even sure 
you're interested in...
if you could string 
together a sentence that
ends in a question mark
providing you information
then maybe, then maybe
you're running through the
scenarios in your head
the possibilities endless 
made up and ultimately far from any realities
did the same cat that got your tongue
suffer a death brought on by an inquiry?

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Care Breeds

and the care breeds within 
a terrible little mechanism
it inhales in a space inside
never frequented by choice
nestled closely to the reservoir 
of combined uneasiness
living in the same spot
yet never crossing the line
a cocktail of dislike and unpleasantness
laced with the desire to fight
the mind rapid fires all the facts
clinging to the favorable ones
the unfavorable attaching themselves
a powerful force demanding a reaction
both fight and flight
doing both causes serve disheartening
the unacceptable thing to do 
is to accept the unacceptable
things happening to you

Monday, April 4, 2016

Activate Your Self Activism

Flounder in their personality

Let their manners continue their dance 
On the edge of obliteration 

Quit the volley of banter that cools their soul 
eases their mind and leaves you right on edge
 — what's the point
That feeling in the gut is true 
Listen to your body
While your heart and mind argue

You will know if it is good for you 
to stay or better for you to go
Stop with the self harm
Activate your self activism
Body language, ain't just a sign for two