Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Kisses Floundering in Our Atmosphere

all the kisses thrown off balconies and out car windows to roads of travellers, 
all the kisses tossed off the side of boats that make their way to the ocean floor 
get swept to countries far away. 
all the kisses on the battle fields, there must be a million. 
all the kisses we don't think about on lunch breaks and in between classes, 
all the kisses shared under streetlights and after concerts. 
all the kisses on the beach and patios that would allow them possession, 
the stolen kisses amongst over thinking and after meals. 
all the kisses shared, passed around in a group, the orgy of savoring just one inhale. 
all the kisses over coffee and beer. 
all the kisses on the way to work and on the way home. 
all the kisses just tossed to the world. 
all the kisses resting on the tips of the cigarettes floundering in our atmosphere.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Born Ties

what is it?
tiny molecules like dipping dots served from a machine called the human body, is that what has been added up and multiplied and groomed to be called a family?
where is it?
does the stitching have to be respected, cherished or even loved? do you have to show up for the roll call of your life to be considered part of the pack, or can the lone wolf still survive with this notion of a familiar unit just a distant memory?
grown up
long distance
can it get any louder?
tight tiny fists clenching words that mustn't escape the mouth and underline all the important facts, facts becoming fiction becoming truth becoming lies becoming blown up and distorted, have you determined my preconceived notion of what the hell is going on?
is it even worth it?
in the grand scheme of things, its etched into the skin, flows with the blood, and will be carried from here to there and it will be this vessel that houses all of the things that aren't associated or are associated but that i have built out of all these ruins.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Enunciating the Feels

enunciating the feels.
the constant shift rising upward,
underlining the butterflies...
dancing like flames, dazed,
substance unidentified.
wade in the risky business,
plunge into the scenes that
seem to unfold to a perfected
soundtrack with precision of great fun,
grasp it for the love
of holding something.
the stars couldn't have predicted
a better time and time is applauding
such reverent corresponding..
in the silence is where the beat
effortlessly highfives.. 
but to determine if it is butterfly wings or matching pulses is the luckiest of all interactions.

Monday, January 5, 2015

A Craving Blooms in Your Direction

majestic adoration swims within the pool of colour in your eyes, i crave to skinny dip there. the structure of your being exudes a confidence in your character that inspires me. the almighty strength of your lips is enough to make me surrender. basking in the sunlight of your smile i am drawn to the contentment that rests along your jawline. hands exploring hands, choppy waves fueled by lust, crashing on each other's coastlines. the pull of teeth, the wandering mouth, the growing hunger that seems to be matched with each glance. i trace your heart beat with the tips of my fingers, will it to course throughout my circuitry, electrifying my perspective. a craving blooms, zipping about my being, a craving blooms in your direction.