Saturday, June 27, 2015

Spacebar For An Electronic Taxi

instantly dancing,
thinking of you and then and there,
when i was who and what and where.
doing the math, keep the difference,
a little long short of love and lust
a simple study of
i don't know, a struggle for glory
and cyber gold. a constant banter,
on an endless loop.. you can' see it
but i am waving at
you and you and you. 
little darlings; settle and fill your glasses, 
cheers to everything.
spacebar for an electronic taxi
the strangers we keep passing vs. the ones we go 
out of our way to plug in, load, buffer, log in.. 


Sunday, June 7, 2015

Fit For The Bottle

the money piles up like leaves,
raked with clawed hands,
burns easily with a match,
disappears into the ocean
like the experiences of past lovers.

desire rushes forward,
leaves an ink stained blotch,
lips murmur truths
we don't really want to hear,
ride the coat tails and you can 
fathom something fit for the bottle.

clouds sort of fall into place,
showing off the pretty and ugly things.
the heart and the mind  
with the same style dress code, 
operating at their own miles per hour.