Monday, April 21, 2014

Welcome to the Land of Indifference

they walk about like flamingos 
lookin' for a fix
suckin' on bent 
cigarettes and shoppin' netflixs
everything being obtained electronically
instant insanity - automatic lust
no more pining, no more introductions
Welcome to the Land of Indifference
hot pocket manicures 
and mickey mouse hiests
has become the soundtrack
to our life and we're all about the speed,
insta-needs being met with hella steeze
buyers market, human target, alien world
and we've created the scare
the internet breeding pop culture and
exposing you exposing me while
we're all being exposed by someone out there.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

No Favor Party Favors

feelings sinking behind shrugged shoulders as they part ways into a party of absolution. there is no favor in these party favors that are begging them to pledge allegiance to any disservice about to happen to you and you and them and me. lights zig and zag about, probably, sending mixed signals and causing a random encounter under the black light of some fight and you'll try to kiss an apology into my face. i've been checking under the lamp shades for a sliver of honesty but i continue to come up dusty. i tried to keep the dust in my pockets, hoping tiny dust bunnies would form, and i could ask them a favor with a twist of a party favor to devour you and push you right out of the door. your shoulders still shrugging, a constant loop, i cant tell if you're undecided about me, undecided about them, or undecided about this song that has been on repeat for about twenty two minutes.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Words Frothed

Words frothed, a pint of the most imperfect pour floods the mind and overwhelms the senses causing unattainable punctuation to fleet onward toward better pages. Lip prints rim glasses and I so long to taste their truths that in return will reflect my fears. Snatching the last drops of amber shelter and indulging in the snippets of a refreshing discomfort you cannot help but salute with the head the head of all the words that are quickly being gulped and just as quickly being unsaid. 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Dreamy Electric Chalk

Little sound waves crash against the coastline that is made up entirely of myself. Tiny water sound spiders illuminate outside of the speakers and crawl at the walls. This sound has created images outside the mind and outside the body, but apart of some lost soul that is craving a musical fix. Pulsating against the drumming beat these water sound spiders search for a home and take up house inside our feet. Electric chalk stains our hands and as the music bashes against our bodies it's quickly shaping the sands into sea glass and everything is suddenly a lot more beautiful than you could ever dream. But it is in these nightmarish sound spiders where beauty flows like a storm made of such melodies you hadn't dared to fear them in their dreamy, made up element. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Everything's a URL

The cyber trail demanding the pupils to rest on the pupils of such affairs that has spiraled out of hand and cannot be fixed with an insta-filter. A terrible disease breaks through the firewall and casts wicked shadows on actuality outside the realm of a cyber world. An existence being documented and all the happy moments cling to screens and the same static cling reflects back and stains unhappy eyes and wheels turn in both the machine and mind and everything is a URL to a capsule where all the people that have ever crossed your path on a busy street can hide and check up on your 
blooming happiness and always 'Like' the good times but never 'Dislike'
the times that frayed from good to bad.