Thursday, December 3, 2015

Velcro Ideas

Do you see me the way I see you? With evergreens growing from your ears because you've embraced nature, that's what you say, but I'm suspecting you've just enjoyed the new car smell a little bit more than others. Are you as mundane as you're try not to be? All frilly and puff but forbid the rest of us to embrace in such material lust, whatever keeps you warm at night. Polyester lies and Velcro ideas, quit trying to stick to my passion. Pull away the band aid and you're not going to find a wound, just what I am trying to hide from you, you on the brink of another lie. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Give Them Your Syllables

A small sizzling sense of self glitters on the cusp of something different yet familiar. An exchange of currency in the form of affection, transactions tallied up and totaled. Cashing in snippets of words for much bigger paragraphs. Give them your syllables. That grit on your skin that you can't quite shake, life causing reactions. You are a hurricane. 

Monday, October 26, 2015

A Good Dose of One Another

Sugar coated jokes that fizz on the tip of the tongue and zaps laughter throughout the body. The smile spreads to the knees, a wobbly place. Invite people to swim in your smirk and bask in the glimmering anticipation of getting a good dose of one another. Carry your humor in a good place.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Undressing Into Chaotic Creativity

Slow sleepy souls, restless desire; quick paced and undoubtedly remarkable characteristics. Warm as toast… tall tales but not fibs just vast in their details. Emptied pockets, no more possessions. Quilted fevers mesh with palpable thoughts that continue to submerge in reverent idealistics. Uniformed creativity, undressing into chaotic serenity; crawling up the walls to reach new heights and breaking through to a different perspective. Fresh air and rain, feel everything. 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Draft Dreams to iTrash

A stream of words comets across your screen in the dead of night while you sleep with someone new. Your past comes bubbling up with cartoony bings and is punctuated by the cutest of emoticons. Quick short blurbs blister in a shade of neon and sit excitingly to burst your morning wide open, into a million little pieces. Draft dreams go right to the trash app and you'll be better off cutting the tie and flushing the device right down the drain. Go back to bed and fear your favourite street corner at noon and not the bedside table, and never your pocket. 

Monday, August 31, 2015

Elaborate Eye Sockets

There is an elaborate joke tucked behind his eyes, when he sees beautiful things he laughs. You thought he was being cruel, he was actually falling in love. He didn't realize all the guts he had busted laughing would change the way he sees beautiful things. When he no longer saw your love his eyes no longer hid an elaborate joke but an immense sense that all he knew, once upon a time, of jokes and beautiful things would remain a grainy crust in the corner of his eyes. Blurring. Everything. Beautiful. You.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Grab Bag of Mixed Emotions

i used the space between my heart and ribs, the entry way into properly ending a life, to store all my mixed emotions; bumping into old flames, craving that person who was in a relationship, crossing the street when it wasn't my turn.. sometimes i would carry the whole lot in that spot, just west of my gut and hope someone would bump into me so that it would slosh about, perhaps fall into my leg and down to my foot so i could go for a run and slam it out on the concrete. that very rarely happened. there is currently a gully of mixed emotions somewhere south west of my heart and i can only hope the beating of the muscle will pound it to a pulpy substance and dissolve it into a case of slow churning heart burn. it wouldn't be the worst thing. the mixed emotions buoy on a tether connected somewhere in the depths of my mind and flap about like a sad inflatable creature with giant wavy arms and a placid smile.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Magnet Into Traffic

Running into people on street corners. The same tingle spills from the mind rather than the stubbed toe. You've avoided that street for years, thinking you were safe or maybe not thinking at all… an absentminded stroll has you knocking shoulders, brushing hands with a body you once couldn't get enough of. You don't have to see the face to know. Your body has a pulse to stay and to go. But the magnet in your anger wins and pushes you into traffic. 

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Spacebar For An Electronic Taxi

instantly dancing,
thinking of you and then and there,
when i was who and what and where.
doing the math, keep the difference,
a little long short of love and lust
a simple study of
i don't know, a struggle for glory
and cyber gold. a constant banter,
on an endless loop.. you can' see it
but i am waving at
you and you and you. 
little darlings; settle and fill your glasses, 
cheers to everything.
spacebar for an electronic taxi
the strangers we keep passing vs. the ones we go 
out of our way to plug in, load, buffer, log in.. 


Sunday, June 7, 2015

Fit For The Bottle

the money piles up like leaves,
raked with clawed hands,
burns easily with a match,
disappears into the ocean
like the experiences of past lovers.

desire rushes forward,
leaves an ink stained blotch,
lips murmur truths
we don't really want to hear,
ride the coat tails and you can 
fathom something fit for the bottle.

clouds sort of fall into place,
showing off the pretty and ugly things.
the heart and the mind  
with the same style dress code, 
operating at their own miles per hour.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Rubber-Necked At Your Complexion

you crept in like a storm from the south;
warm and violent and flushed,
unexpected and eager to make your mark.
i rubber-necked at your complexion.
tried to make sense of myself in your freckles.
in a rush to make things different,
you threw your words like bullets,
looking to hit just about anything.
you nicked my mind,
grazed my soul,
left a symptom,
similar to a soldier's,
there in the folds of cranium.
embedded like a bad infection.
i can't seem to keep you off my mind.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Eliminating Weeks

the overly involved rummaging 
through deep dish 
emotional baggage that 
may or may not eliminate 
the next couple of weeks 
into a blurry haze of 
shoulda, coulda, wouldas..

the sombre thoughts of maybes that seem 
to be piling up under the leaky window, 
the disconnected telephone making long 
distances calls to your guts that are filled 
with butterflies and lightening. 
optical preservation 
of things you saw in fashion 
magazines getting distorted 
by things you've seen on the news and why 
shouldn't we be able to 
walk home alone at night..

turn the lamp on it's side for a
different perspective, 
having a conversation that
 doesn't come back to fornication..
and when was the last time you
addressed an envelope with good news..

finish off the bottle, 
i don't care what the reason is anymore.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Hamburger Solutions

my thoughts play a game of chicken on the busy circuit board in my mind, late at night when i am trying to sleep. distracted to a point past slumber, i really am awake, trying to solve my subconscious problems. nothing makes sense in there and factors like the burger i was craving three days prior suddenly rise as probable answers. anything can be solved with a hamburger. i run away from myself to end up facing myself, its a twisted maze of self creating. when i awake i cant remember everything to it's fullest and that irks me more than ever having met myself in a dream anyway. one thing for certain i could go for a hamburger right about now. 

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Social Blunders

you pick up your socks and you displace yourself, feels good don't it? you unfold your socks into their spots and stretch out, comfortable, right? you fiddle with an old lighter that was tucked into a front pocket of your best pair of jeans, a mini firework show at the tips of your fingers. you think back. you think on it. you've come this far, lost a few gained, a few more. the world levels itself out. your world, on a teeter totter of social blunders. you think back on them, their faces and in all your memories you remember some malice 
but can't find the point in time when they aimed it at you.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Hanging Out With Your Past Selves

a suspension of sorts,
buoying in a sky of a haphazard daydream,
elated by the sunlight coming in through a window
stained with broken glass and bits of fabric.
hanging out with your past selves,
the ones who are encouraging you 
to clamber out of the window
into memory. you swerve against the grain
end up in recent percolations of things 
that have half happened,
things you've half felt, 
things you haven't fully embraced 
but you want to,
you sure as hell want to.
intrigued by your own memory, 
fact or fiction?
it is the way you perceived it…  
the way you interperatated things,
but you stop and reel on the fact 
of how authentic
is the gray matter atop your head, 
the same mishapened orb
that controls the waves of notice 
that are coursing through your body map.
when you tumble forward into current day, 
closer to the possibilities of nightmares,
your mind still sizzling 
with the opportunity of an experience you're craving.

Monday, April 27, 2015

A Freckle of Boredom

silly wabbit, what's up doc?
placate the brewing storm of thoughts as a frenzy of enchanted indifference seeps into the entire self worth of possibilities. waiting for a walking man that is never going to show up and making mad dashes across intersections of your heart. tipping the wire, a means for explosion, knocking off the top hat on your sheltered secrets. a magic man has lost his rabbit and finds it's meekness in you; divine and beautiful, 
interesting with a freckle of boredom., i want every other freckle. 

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Carbonated Laughter

a rolling chuckle gains momentum and launches itself into the atmosphere. i feel the carbonation of that laughter click and frenzy and bounce about parts of me. making it's way up the spin and through the eyes there is laughter ringing in my ears. a magnetic connection envelopes pieces here and there and stows them away for appropriate times, unfazed by questions and open for victory. 
Come forth and be, let's be victorious, 

Friday, April 24, 2015

Unhealthy Playmates

unhealthy playmates depict the distress and try to resuscitate the creative juice that is shaken not stirred. a different kind of diet armed to the teeth with hefty emotions and moments of absolute clarity that pop into vision like instant photography and fade in a sunshine that hasn't been around for ages. where has this surf come from? the pull is strong, confusing and tainted.. the ebb is constant and the questions are still questioning the unquestionable experiences and prospects that are worth prospecting 
flutter back and forth like a cheap game of volleyball.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Messing Yourself Up

in the spirit of inquiry,
the importance of morals
seems to trickle away, and
before you on a clean plate
of deprivation, you can't help
but wonder about the potential
foul. no longer benched, but not
yet in the game, the personal calculations
come to a wayward halt.
an outcome truly
unexpected of the self.
thoughts climb atop one
another, the wrongs turn a
wonderful shade of gray and
you notice the loop holes in your own idealistic. to take the plunge
into a territory you yourself has deemed restricted, is both brilliant and entirely stupid. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Permanent Funny Bone Smiles

they wore smiles on their faces as if they had permanently hit their funny bones and the tingle just wouldn't quit. a delighted mix of fun and pain. the whites of their eyes as bright as bleached teeth, muted pupils getting lost in their own colour. searching for something wholesome in a fractured world, the pads of their fingers seeking genies to appear in cotton candy coloured smoke to grant wishes of loud love. deaf to the little things their hunger grew bigger then themselves. a thirsty state over came the bigger picture and soon the decision to quench this thirst was easier done than said. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Patriotism of The Self, Esteem.

hands as big as moons, waving in a word storm that is rapidly firing out of the mouth and shaking your bones like American flags in the wind, a breath with a tinge of ramen. it unhooks the clasp on your heart and our tumbles birds, their battered wings still capable of soaring high into the sky, your heartbeat becomes a universal soundtrack. tracing the desired nightmare out the window and under the lamp light. we are only closer to seeking the wardrobe that will let us back into all the normal problems brewing inside of us, frothy beer pints for limbs. there is a reach of peculiar affairs that have planted themselves inside of us and grow like weeds, we ignore them until they cloud our vision and nibble on our thoughts, greedy little voices, that sound like our own, whispering.. come out come out wherever you are ..but we're unsure of where to go because we don't know where we are. patriotism of the self, esteem? but they say too much can cause a scene, not looking to go to war, just something to believe.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Drowning In All That You're Not Experiencing

there is a spill of something half glowing half darker than the night that is flowing against the backdrop of my identity. it is illuminating the screws and tightening the bolts and causing reaction. a slow bump and grind of momentum has plunged and thrashed fragments of whoever i was into whoever i am becoming.. a dazzling state of affairs was bubbling on the cusp of my mind and i think i'm drowning in all the things i'm not experiencing, swan dive into the depths of something that can consume me, and come out consuming. if that's the way the cookie crumbles, pour me another and let's get on with this. time is a dissolving thing, sure we heard about it. but procession in the lessons of things that won't educate, there is no need to breed hate, so whatever happened sucked, but better to let it dissolve with all that lapsing time and soak up the things that matter because those things are stronger than time. it is all adding up to whoever i am going to become tomorrow and thereafter.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Incoming Empties Message

please hang up this is a recording..
please hang up this is a..
please hang up this is..
please hang up this..
please hang up..
please hang..
misfire, message undeliverable. 
the person you are currently calling..
no longer exists,
at this point in time, 
due to some tailspin of dire need to displace 
their heart and stow it away in a case of empties,
 a case you'd never think to look 
because the liquid gold is in the one closest to the door. 
please hang up 
and try your call again..
to be more careful with the decibel for which your voice may falter, 
choose wisely the words you wish to spew because 
there is a certain technicality that can be caused 
if you are too wishy washy 
with the correct instructions you are about to give.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Dislodged Hearts Play Pinball

The heart ticking like a clock in an extravagant case called the human body. The stain glass panes of the eyes reflect the tinkering that snuggles near the lungs. Press two fingers; here, here, here for signs of life and for questions with no answers. The heart beats, sending tiny vibrations on a racetrack of veins and bones and muscles. You can feel it in the soles of your feet, it is still undetermined if the heart navigates with the soul. Knee caps, rounded as if the heart were to dislodge itself and play a smooth game of pinball throughout the beautiful maze of your body. The heart; a gem worn on the sleeve, but also hidden in a treasure cove surrounded in a variety of shades of red and dressed up in your finest attire.  

Thursday, February 5, 2015


the chap of their lips explores the lush canvas of one another
the leadership is equally shared on the breathing nations of his and hers
the curvature of his being, built with her in mind, a perfect match
the universe sends out its stars
to celebrate their unison
a shiver ripples through her to him 
the climb is met with expectancy and love filled eyes
there is a pulse from two hearts
that beg to collide,
it spreads like wildfire,
gets louder with each throb,
creating a beat that only
they know the dance too

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Little Bit of God in Your Hair

a god has decided to take
shelter in your hair
in the right shade of late afternoon
light you can just make out the
faintest bit of its smile
their is a certain spark,
almost like the fizz of mineral water,
that dances about your head
there is a god living in the
essence of your hair
smiling to all those you meet,
inviting us in to stay awhile.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Kisses Floundering in Our Atmosphere

all the kisses thrown off balconies and out car windows to roads of travellers, 
all the kisses tossed off the side of boats that make their way to the ocean floor 
get swept to countries far away. 
all the kisses on the battle fields, there must be a million. 
all the kisses we don't think about on lunch breaks and in between classes, 
all the kisses shared under streetlights and after concerts. 
all the kisses on the beach and patios that would allow them possession, 
the stolen kisses amongst over thinking and after meals. 
all the kisses shared, passed around in a group, the orgy of savoring just one inhale. 
all the kisses over coffee and beer. 
all the kisses on the way to work and on the way home. 
all the kisses just tossed to the world. 
all the kisses resting on the tips of the cigarettes floundering in our atmosphere.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Born Ties

what is it?
tiny molecules like dipping dots served from a machine called the human body, is that what has been added up and multiplied and groomed to be called a family?
where is it?
does the stitching have to be respected, cherished or even loved? do you have to show up for the roll call of your life to be considered part of the pack, or can the lone wolf still survive with this notion of a familiar unit just a distant memory?
grown up
long distance
can it get any louder?
tight tiny fists clenching words that mustn't escape the mouth and underline all the important facts, facts becoming fiction becoming truth becoming lies becoming blown up and distorted, have you determined my preconceived notion of what the hell is going on?
is it even worth it?
in the grand scheme of things, its etched into the skin, flows with the blood, and will be carried from here to there and it will be this vessel that houses all of the things that aren't associated or are associated but that i have built out of all these ruins.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Enunciating the Feels

enunciating the feels.
the constant shift rising upward,
underlining the butterflies...
dancing like flames, dazed,
substance unidentified.
wade in the risky business,
plunge into the scenes that
seem to unfold to a perfected
soundtrack with precision of great fun,
grasp it for the love
of holding something.
the stars couldn't have predicted
a better time and time is applauding
such reverent corresponding..
in the silence is where the beat
effortlessly highfives.. 
but to determine if it is butterfly wings or matching pulses is the luckiest of all interactions.

Monday, January 5, 2015

A Craving Blooms in Your Direction

majestic adoration swims within the pool of colour in your eyes, i crave to skinny dip there. the structure of your being exudes a confidence in your character that inspires me. the almighty strength of your lips is enough to make me surrender. basking in the sunlight of your smile i am drawn to the contentment that rests along your jawline. hands exploring hands, choppy waves fueled by lust, crashing on each other's coastlines. the pull of teeth, the wandering mouth, the growing hunger that seems to be matched with each glance. i trace your heart beat with the tips of my fingers, will it to course throughout my circuitry, electrifying my perspective. a craving blooms, zipping about my being, a craving blooms in your direction.