Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Hovering Over The Unfriend Button

the weight of your deprecation rests heavy 
inside a small cavity never before explored.
you have become a dangerous jaw breaker
colourful and inviting, sugary sweet...
yet time consuming and actually quite painful.
picking the petals, searching for an answer...
a revolving door of banter that never seems
to actually matter, words rushing out of mouths
and passing through the canal but never
hitting the important spots 
none of the actualities being absorbed.
there is a distinctive disinterest cultivating 
amongst a jury of peers that are hovering
over the Unfriend button.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Restraining Order Mentality

crass talk, this close to uninstalling

the predicament of communication when
electronic blunders seem to be most effective
one thousand views and not a single coherent comment
setting fire to the sails of a friendship
the constant scrub, trying to exfoliate me
back up, back off 
restraining order mentality 
on how you're trying 
to promote your conflicting vibes

Friday, February 19, 2016

Phone-y Affection

the backsplash on your succotash has
got us a little tweety
a hundred and forty characters
but none from that famous
yellow family, we're
all cracking jokes but we're
not sure what a millennial is...
three pairs of socks in my
canvas sneakers equates
to winter boots in the city
dashing through your
feed with an eagerness to please,
ourselves out of remission,
we ain't missing notifications
just the punctuation of our feelings
and how many Likes does it take
to get past that phone-y affection?

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Instant Mayhem of Absolute Living

the foolish frenzy of dazzling ideas all mixed up, 
shuffled into a swift deck that is begging you to take action. 
for the words tumble drying out of your mouth are brittle, 
they will not survive 
in the instant mayhem of absolute living we strive to do. 
the calendar is not our master.
it's a short distance for all of us, 
some even shorter,
we're going to run this trek. 
collecting fragments of ourselves in the vast gullies 
of where ever will have us.
catching glimpses of one another's teeth; 
laughter the soundtrack, 
we're feeling like a balmy day nowhere near summer, 
an abundance of questions and answers, 
baiting the end of our hooks,
we've got the time, 
but we don't got the need to figure it out.
thoughts keep percolating, we keep them pouring out.