Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tacky On Your Existence

Your heart is black like a cavity. I never understood why sugar, something so kind would become demented and black and tacky on the caps of teeth. But then I never really knew why people did the same thing, brought so much sweetness into your days to go and turn black and cold and tacky on your existence. I never understood how they could be the same. Are people made of sugar? Sugar with it's grainy tentacles looking for a life source to drain, so it can become a stain on a once preciously gleaming surface. That's what people do, they attach themselves to you, they link themselves and match your stride in the park and hold your hands in the company of your friends and kiss you behind the ear when bringing you a cup of coffee from behind, no sugar in that coffee it's always been better that way, but that doesn't change this person, the way you drink your coffee won't change a person - so keep drinking it with or without sugar, it doesn't make a difference to the person - just your teeth.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Some Kind of Anger

There is this anger. Welling up and ebbing out and crumbling. It's white hot with some sort of glow I can feel and it's beginning to give me these freak outs, feel it rise up from the pit of my stomach and suddenly on the back of my neck. I can feel it in my eyes. This uncertain heat, steam rising. There is this anger. I feel it sometimes lingering. It's swelling and making these little sounds. It's happening. A certain kind of anger, stabbing, rain pellets all over me. I've got this anger following me and I don't know what to say, if only i could say what i know i can't say.....

Monday, January 28, 2013

Indecent Existence

Scuff on my cuff.
Dirt on my boot.
Frizzing hair.
I'm late.
Bottom of the bottle.
Just missed the bus.
No more ink.
Puddles knee deep.
Shit on the sidewalk.
Brewing storm.
Over cooked eggs.
Sausage instead of bacon.
Lost library card.
End of the lipstick tube.
Cracked screen.
Low battery.
Up a size.
Down a heel.
I'd take all of these things
in exchange for someone
like you.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Pebbling Rock Foundation

His world seemed to waiver and it was a strange sensation considering nothing had ever buoyed in his life. He was a rock, from a family of rocks. Their specialties were foundations and he had lost his own footing. He embraced this feeling as a new beginning. He became a pebble, with no foundation, free to roam wherever he pleased. He tumbled through life and was unease and unnerved but entirely moved. He traveled and saw things he wouldn't of seen confined to his foundation. As he pebbled up and over he saw things and learned things and even embraced things. As he went along he created his very own foundation. A traveling foundation of strengths and flaws and he became a better man. A better man from losing his footing and feeling a heavy loss of himself and suddenly growing and expanding his shield but opening it as well to not only see but to be seen.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Cusp of Two Cigarettes

She drew him in like a cigarette, a quick pull of the babe. 
He engulfed her, inside and out, clinging to her clothes. 
She was aloof to all he desired, stuck in her own head. 
He was adapting to everything she surrounded, couldn't get away. 
She was on the cusp of the universe, waiting to crash. 
He had crashed into her, creating entirely a new world. 
She was an addict and he was not her fix. 
He was addicted and couldn't fix her. 
She spoke loudly, made quick decisions and left. 
He stayed silent, slowly processing where she could've gone. 
She was found in her dark place, just above her temples, contemplating. 
He swam through her mind trying to pull her back in. 
She lit him up, like her favourite cigarettes. 
He stayed lit to fit into her, and held on for his dear life.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Body Talk

Your bones are the structure of your statue. The way you move like a jellyfish so fluid. The flick of your legs that run for miles and I am extremely intrigued by where you have been. Your skin, the perfect cup of coffee with just the right amount of milk. Your lips are like sugar cookies. The hair on top of your head is this turf of excellent surf, like a wave of angel hair spaghetti mixed up by the ocean. A beautiful mess all half hazard and a strayed from bed by the most perfect of lazy days. Your teeth are delicate pieces of peppermint gum saving behind them a bubble gum tongue. Feet, sturdy and keep you grounded. I want to know if your knees buckle like any century women once described. I want to swim in your possibly deranged mind and weave a bed there. So that I can admire your canvas all the while thumbing through your private possessions and admiring your private possession. Talking with touches and vocabulary, heightening the indifference and ruling out all possibilities of small parts and small talk.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Chalk It Up to an Astrological Experience

All you want is answers. 
Answers without questions. 
I can't read your mind. 
If I could I wouldn’t wast my time. 
I am short on space, because your ego is in the room. 
There is an elephant with Gloria and no one will ask it's name. 
I went to a party once and someone said my stars were aligned. 
That was the night you hit me with your car, made me see stars. 
You didn't ask my name but I gave it to you anyway. 
It was an accident but I can't help blaming the stars. 
Your eyes were like furious cosmos as you helped me off the road. 
I blamed the universe for having us meet. 
I couldn't come to terms when you left. 
I went to all these parties searching for you, instead I found bottles. 
Some filled with liquid and some filled with little capsules that could make me float. 
You were never in any of those bottles, or those parties. 
I asked around, no one even knew who you were. 
(did I make you up inside my head) 
I chalked it up to a astrological experience. 
I don't believe in astronomy, 
But I did believe in you.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

You Have a Self Sympathetic Rash

there is a demented transcript in the way you're wired. for all that seems one way, surely is another. and for all of the accusations made within electronic walls, there are black holes filled with descriptions.. those are the calls you won't answer. but the texts instead that you would publish. and when everything looks exactly as it seems there is a plea for something else, a nostalgic i'm not sure you want to pass, stuck in a standstill, you like the attention, you like the deception but more the lack of protection. misfired and rash you are looking forward to the bumps, gives your mind something to harbour and your body a self sympathetic rush. 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Gallivanting Pieces

The ocean ebbed for me to stay and there I was with my pockets filled with dreams and shells. I've heard of things deep in the sea, that live down there - that cannot breathe. Words tied loosely with imaginary string, gallivanting off my shield. Worlds are turning, I felt the shift inside my core, now there is a place I fear to explore, but ready for spelunking I go further down the bunny hole and inside myself - deep like the ocean, I watched a piece of me dissolve within and I stayed to rise up above the hallmark of it all, the ocean as my soundtrack to accepting love - my mind still bubbling at it all - but approvingly loosening the reigns on all the goods things, a different path myself is taking. 

Thursday, January 10, 2013


a sordid girl wearing only absorbent. chasing the days away with an entirely different daze. a shot for a shot in whatever shop will let her tongue twist the key hole and allow entry. bumping into mix company, the cocktails flow quite meaningfully when the meaning is as demeaning as the shoes on her feet there is nothing to worry about when it comes to spilling a web of disastrous obstacles. the painted claws, that resemble little pebbles found in the bottom of fish tanks in dentist offices, gauge out whomever ears are in earshot. her mouth chews on the images of her surroundings and the fluff that is puffed from her self loathing depiction is an oasis for all whom they encounter, like Medusa and her head of serpents there is a siren's call to her life experience, because it lacks and the slack of it all is a result of the smoke stacks releasing all of the bluff into an atmosphere that is certainly staining the teeth of good company, the company indeed wanting to inspire and transcribe to all that lacks plastic and resembles something much more meatier, much more organic. but there is a lot of discombobulated communication teetering on the verge of direction and while she sways through the crowds we pray not to lose her, but then we realize we don't even know who she is, because her humanity has drained and it is straining to even try and decipher this human just being, being her surroundings and gassing out the rest. adapting to the adaptations of everyone else.

Suffering Needs Those Who Survive

When it all mashes together and seems like a stew, 
Your life is faltering on someone else's news. 
And you're going to make it, even if you don't try. 
You're going to make it because suffering needs those who survive. 
And the emotion that wells way deep inside, 
Is waiting for an outlet -a shock of surprise. 
For there is a force somewhere close to the surface, 
And it surely serves you a purpose.. 
With definitions undefined, you are searching for a disguise, 
Cringing from the light won't keep you in the dark, 
Playing for keeps can become quite stark. 
There seems to be an audience, out in that oasis.. 
They watch you, timely, counting faces. 
The amount of recollection that slips through your fingers, 
Is a dangerous thing to lose. 
For the monsters that surround you, harbor the things you choose. 
And with all the decisions on your shoulders, 
The mind does begin to wander. 
And with glimpses of a different kind. 
You really do lose your mind.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Heavy Notions in the Skull

A vibe of a different kind wallows into the soul and casts nets to catch all the scattered pieces of the mind. The flecks have speckled the inside of the body and reflections of happiness seem to scorch the vital organs that help keep life pumping into the canvas of such humanly causes. No words, no sounds, and not a lot of visuals. The imploding embellishments rocking waves inside the clothed behavior of a search for something larger than life. A lot bigger than the universe which this body drifts. And there the body tries to wander with heavy notions in the skull, pushing and pulling, but surely making impact.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Sea's Crust Exfoliates

Buildings crept from the sand, keeping the city and beach at different places so one can escape to and fro. And there is magic in both because of the moonlight, it spills into the road and creates a murky kind of carpet, the kind they use in Hollywood. But the same moonlight warms the sea's crust and exfoliates lovers in mixed embraces while the rushing of the water creates rushing lips. But city and beach, no matter how far, stay in touch with each other with whispering winks of stars in a shared sky and loving one another closely and quite far.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Lack of My Terrible Things, Keeps You Lovely

all the marvellous things i want to tell you would counter react all the terrible things i could tell you in their place, but i won't i won't tell you all of my terrible things because i want to keep you lovely. i want to keep you the way you are, unless you decide to change or grow or something, but it's got to be all you - your deciding, i will not make you terrible on the account of all the terrible things i have, my own terrible things. i won't share them with you because you are lovely, and i feel lovely when i am with you, and all of my terrible things they seem a little less terrible and i know it's only because you aren't terrible, not even a little bit - not even at all. and all my terrible things seem to settle when you are around, and it is lovely. just like you are. terribly lovely, you aren't one of my terrible things, you don't belong to me and that just might be what is keeping you so lovely.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Atmospheric Hello

a space the size of an entire atmosphere, this is the space where i found you, i saw you there, well you might've seen me first but there was eyes connecting the dots within the air spaces of all the people. there was sound and it seemed like it was only within me; a sound so sharp and sure that i was instantly drawn to something about you. that sound was indeed an outbound sound, everywhere people were swaying, a force field of magnetic appeal, we our own force. sound hung around us, words swapping and things happening and pivotal moments occurring and it was all new, brand new without the shrink wrap. things forming everywhere and us merely interlocking in a setting of enjoyment, enjoying the sound.. our personal atmosphere.. and more importantly enjoying the hellos of you and me.