Thursday, June 9, 2016

Kite Strings

vice grip
heavy breathing  
jack rabbit heart
staying closer than close
tangled limbs
tangled fingers
tangled like kite string
are you high?
we must be high 
staying put 
stay put
put together
pulled apart
we're putting this together 
the feeling is mutual
rapid fire
quick secession 
all the good bits 
higher than a kite 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Knit Living

flash flood, dive right in
flounder - skim the surface
float about, row row row my boat
a different kind of ease
a frenzied intuition pulling...
at the threads, keepin' close
the knitting to a different outfit
an overcast of different proportions
something suddenly missing
now found in a flash flood
reality you hear me?
light arrival,
easy going.
living living this, so present.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Promises of a Cool-Sided Pillow

The kind of sleep that 
doesn't quite grab you
Hovering just above the
ticking of the clock 
Swimming amongst a
sound that is surely 
sure to be alarmed 
Just outside yourself
with one foot behind
Reality becoming dreams
and then quickly tumbling
into nightmares with trick
doors that don't bring you
back to the surface 
You're in such a good place
right in the warm spot with 
the promise of a cool-sided pillow
Maybe breakfast in bed…
Wide awake and wild eyed
Half remembering yet half asleep 

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Chiclet Chit Chat

Charming trouble. 
Fishing for a loophole.  
Fire foxtrot, you dancing?
Constellation connections,
cosmic dots are festering. 
Chiclet chit chat,
the smallest bits of flavor. 
All throne, no game;
would you like to have seat?
Bedazzled embezzlement,
shuffling the information. 
Using up all the space, 
fun filing all the goodie bags
from parties we haven't RSVP'd to. 
Invitations lost in the mail,
friend request pending…

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

You're Looking Mighty Feline

curiosity killed the cat 
you're lookin' mighty feline
rushing towards something
you're not even sure 
you're interested in...
if you could string 
together a sentence that
ends in a question mark
providing you information
then maybe, then maybe
you're running through the
scenarios in your head
the possibilities endless 
made up and ultimately far from any realities
did the same cat that got your tongue
suffer a death brought on by an inquiry?

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Care Breeds

and the care breeds within 
a terrible little mechanism
it inhales in a space inside
never frequented by choice
nestled closely to the reservoir 
of combined uneasiness
living in the same spot
yet never crossing the line
a cocktail of dislike and unpleasantness
laced with the desire to fight
the mind rapid fires all the facts
clinging to the favorable ones
the unfavorable attaching themselves
a powerful force demanding a reaction
both fight and flight
doing both causes serve disheartening
the unacceptable thing to do 
is to accept the unacceptable
things happening to you

Monday, April 4, 2016

Activate Your Self Activism

Flounder in their personality

Let their manners continue their dance 
On the edge of obliteration 

Quit the volley of banter that cools their soul 
eases their mind and leaves you right on edge
 — what's the point
That feeling in the gut is true 
Listen to your body
While your heart and mind argue

You will know if it is good for you 
to stay or better for you to go
Stop with the self harm
Activate your self activism
Body language, ain't just a sign for two

Monday, March 28, 2016

Palpable Identities

i can hear your smile at a frequency
in tuned with my pulse
flicking the headlights on and out

a percussion washes away any happenstance 
confirms a link made of palpable identities

a surge of contact
an instant connection
tethered by double knotted shoelaces
but still causing a trip
a stumble
dragging my feet over these thoughts of you

Sunday, March 20, 2016

No Mercy To Give

be that kind of weather the demands em to toughen up
charity for your clarity, an oasis of fierceness
feisty trouble, will throw punches
towel dry the strategy
remain unfiltered - bring a constant strain of terror
different brand, different effect, louder decibel
showing no mercy for there is no mercy in me to give
if you're watching
you'll see
hurricane massacre daydream
cable TV live stream
brought to you not by whomever you thought i'd be

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Plantation of Sociables

it was enchanting being so unaware
of everything, so loud and so bright,
happening in our immediate atmosphere,
yet being so plugged into what was
happening to someone else.
they becoming your personal celebrity,
you the adoring fan. cherishing their hobbies
as if you truly cared about collecting
trinkets and naming them after dead presidents. there was a colossal weight lifted on and off your shoulders while consuming their interactions with the world. a swift plantation of social endeavours. a Like for a Like, a share for a share. the virtual game of spin the bottle but instead of kissing you were reeling in the glow of your mobile phone, tucked safely in your own bed - alone and unkissable. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Reasoning For The Seasoning

Educated guess, still shots in the dark —
no matter how much
intellect you got on light
Feeling the ideas, the idea of a feeling
A heave of information
mixes with the notion of fact
the possibilities of creativity
all blooming in reality
An influx of fiction
tucked into all of our pockets;
researching in the clouds…
a mobile location for plotting
Reasoning for the seasoning of the times
Shake and bake, what's your best guess?

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Top Button Cool

he keeps his cool under his collar
strategically nestled right near his pulse
a steady stream of verbal 
confidences are kept under wraps
his eyes retrain the imminent
frenzy of his presence 
a game of tug-o-war unfolds
suddenly you're involved
without a single touch
willing that top button to come undone
unravel all that cool, show me what you got

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Juicy Fruit Condolences

Pepsi cola day dream, 
a pop culture massacre
dipping sauce opportunity 
juicy fruit condolences 
sugar high multiply 
the chances of your cavities 
television mind melt
Internet hurricane
an avalanche of typos
justified italicizes
quotation mark expressions
cyber bouquet
all the best wishes a keyboard can sprout
becoming the source
the outlet
the editor
the translator of your cliff notes

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Nightlife Preserver

liquor smile pulling the strings

exuberant exchanges by the glassful

liquid courage, no fear of drowning

preserver of the nightlife 

cocktail napkins as a sign of surrender

cases of empties, last call, lights out

put up your dukes

drinking your struggles or your passions?

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Cite Your Guts

Phrases on the threshold of an audience, 
buoying between friends and foes. 
A gentle glide into subtle honesty, 
no backhanded compliments, 
nothing complimentary today. 
Punctuated silences broken 
by the churning of brains. 
Mulling over the statements, 
honing in on what needs clarification. 
An essay stacked with truths and no citations, 
can you cite the heart 
or better yet the guts 
or even so a conscience? 
Etched into the current state of living 
with a new backbone, unveiling a relic of possibilities. 

Friday, March 4, 2016

Uncontrollably Strapped

eager mind, washing quickly
i think you get it
not very good with actions
so many things being said
want to try and confirm
do you know where the placement is
right on the edge
get there
involved and evolving
turning away
an assortment of words
no toppings, no spread
a buffet of 'don't knows'
strapped or controlled?

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Absentminded Takeout

is our novelty wearing off yet
break the transmission 
take all you want
easy living when you're just escaping
takeout containers for your most precious possessions
conveniently absentminded 
of your own investigation
rummage around
see what you come up with
anything worth it
anything wanted
nick the surface
draw a little heat
recoil from the attention
flee, flee, flee

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Pints of Realization

An atmosphere resides north of your brow, where thoughts percolate and drip-drop into constellations. You connect the dots over time, take a mental snapshot of its location. Searching for an answer you travel south of your sharp clavicle and listen to the morse code beating from your chest. The sync is perfection. You feel murky south of the beat in the depths of unmarked territory. Misdiagnosed as the stomach, not quite certain where the X falls on the map but here is where the butterflies live. And as they flutter and fizz, the atmosphere takes notice. Adapts to your circuitry and makes a decision that lines up in your throat, protected by your teeth.
Pour with discretion. 

Settling Self Scores

a constant demand of settling scores,
adding and subtracting the little things
the human ambition of empathy and
the consequences of throwing stones
is so much greater than our eyes implore,
but to be oneself - excelling to a point of
truth, what a beautiful notion..
to be yourself on the cusp of everyone
trying to be someone else, a light
creeps through the cracks, we've
all got em, life is bound to knock
you around a bit,
the strength acquired is mighty,
but how are you going to react?
for the reaction to action is
begging you to be the best version of
yourself, whoever that is, invitation sent,
you've got to embrace that person you've always been.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Hovering Over The Unfriend Button

the weight of your deprecation rests heavy 
inside a small cavity never before explored.
you have become a dangerous jaw breaker
colourful and inviting, sugary sweet...
yet time consuming and actually quite painful.
picking the petals, searching for an answer...
a revolving door of banter that never seems
to actually matter, words rushing out of mouths
and passing through the canal but never
hitting the important spots 
none of the actualities being absorbed.
there is a distinctive disinterest cultivating 
amongst a jury of peers that are hovering
over the Unfriend button.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Restraining Order Mentality

crass talk, this close to uninstalling

the predicament of communication when
electronic blunders seem to be most effective
one thousand views and not a single coherent comment
setting fire to the sails of a friendship
the constant scrub, trying to exfoliate me
back up, back off 
restraining order mentality 
on how you're trying 
to promote your conflicting vibes

Friday, February 19, 2016

Phone-y Affection

the backsplash on your succotash has
got us a little tweety
a hundred and forty characters
but none from that famous
yellow family, we're
all cracking jokes but we're
not sure what a millennial is...
three pairs of socks in my
canvas sneakers equates
to winter boots in the city
dashing through your
feed with an eagerness to please,
ourselves out of remission,
we ain't missing notifications
just the punctuation of our feelings
and how many Likes does it take
to get past that phone-y affection?

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Instant Mayhem of Absolute Living

the foolish frenzy of dazzling ideas all mixed up, 
shuffled into a swift deck that is begging you to take action. 
for the words tumble drying out of your mouth are brittle, 
they will not survive 
in the instant mayhem of absolute living we strive to do. 
the calendar is not our master.
it's a short distance for all of us, 
some even shorter,
we're going to run this trek. 
collecting fragments of ourselves in the vast gullies 
of where ever will have us.
catching glimpses of one another's teeth; 
laughter the soundtrack, 
we're feeling like a balmy day nowhere near summer, 
an abundance of questions and answers, 
baiting the end of our hooks,
we've got the time, 
but we don't got the need to figure it out.
thoughts keep percolating, we keep them pouring out.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Lick of Dynamite

a knuckle ball of something definite yet totally undefinable is zooming right down the middle of intrigue. connecting the dots or adding more to the mix? a feeling erupts like a like flame licking closer to a stick of dynamite. moving in and out of focus. shadow puppets of potential conversations dance on the tip of tongues and adventure forms. the mind, a playground of tantalizing ideas, waiting for someone else to walk through the cranium door. a sliver of disbelief, a gallon of impulse, one big zap of curiosity and waves jump out, see them stretching. the reach is past the horizon line and half blind there is an epic pull, creating enormous opportunity. there is a radical shift in the bedrock and i can't help but want to get dirty.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Catching Secondhand Feelings

two steady charges of smoke jet stream from his nostrils, outlining his lips, i can almost see his words take form in midair before swept away into the atmosphere. i can just about feel the pull of the cigarette on my heart. it buoys there waiting for him to exhale and release both nicotine and me from his grasp. i am aware, live and humming inside my body. catching secondhand feelings. a defiant toe on the stub punctuates our conversation. he flicks the lighter in his free hand, tosses it back and forth. almost daring, roulette, what's it going to be; earth wind or fire? the scratch of flame announces the results in a different language that we do not try to translate. answers turning in the light to unasked questions, an outpouring of information stuffed into my pockets to be dissected later, privately. drenched in his identity there is a swell of shared experiences, quick conclusions swapped like kisses or did we kiss? i feel a lip print starting to form right under my temple.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Sentimental Uncorking

heavy hands filled with thought 
slam keyboards filled with letters
feelings take on a tangible form
hold them to the light
inspect their authenticity,
searching for the crease
the weighted smudge of soul has left
the paper damp in your hands.
it buckles at your admiration,
threatening to tear,
an ironic action for the flimsiness of feelings
the firmly anchored bits tossed out by the pageful
a sentimental uncorking of the personal reservoir of bubbly.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

You've Got a Sentence in Your Teeth

A salty grin with a twist like a lime right into the cocktail of my intuition. Drumming fingers on a shiny cool table top casting vibrations, they float my way and clink against my thoughts like ice cubes. I am thawed. I am intrigued. I move closer. Words I can't calculate tumble out of my mouth unpunctuated, shaken not stirred, here we bask in a shadowy orange glow of neon lights and a conversation sugary and saturated in a constant buzz. No names, no dates, no places to be but right in the middle of a sentence caught between my teeth..