Monday, September 29, 2014

Summer, a Hot Dandy Lioness

has the summer season perhaps just toyed with our emotions, pretending to be all hot and interesting like the sleazy eyed girl at the bar, furthest from the crowd downing whiskey sours like no one is watching only to scold us with a cold gust of dissatisfaction to fall suddenly and crisply into a tundra faced bitch. luring you in with that break of dawn mouth, a hot breath laced with sweet nothings hits your neck making you sweat, she notices you're enjoying her company or perhaps her attributes and closes off. sitting perched on her bar stool you watch the hot dandy lioness transform to the ice queen. Better get your parka, the ice cube she is about to lob at you isn't going to make mouth to mouth contact, she's aiming for your core and you best beware of the hurricane storm.. 
Call it a night, better take flight for Hibernation Nation has come early this year and Miss Summer Thang is taking flight.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Infringement Life

the devilish relaxation that comes with the dividing of things, the neatly tucking away all the sorrows in each corner of the room to preserve its disappearance.. we will never use these corners again. stay close to the middle of things and do not touch the edges, like an old child's game of lava. hearts will sink as they beat and ebb and flow and things will not make sense, and not everything will add up correctly. the game of subtraction can be quite light depending on your reasons for suffering. do not be sad, for anger is easier to handle. keep eyes dry while passing the time and do not mind the infringement that is taking its toll on your life. justice, im not sure there is a thing, but do not pray to mock gods in frocked costumes looking for a savior, sink your teeth in for support, its going to be quite the adventure through your newly tinted 
(or have they been cleaned) glasses.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Horde Your Emotions, Start The Poaching

the rhetorical expressions, the damned feeling damned in a world of damnation. funny how things don't matter until they've seemed to pick someone else's brain matter. there is no temperamental idealistics when the pot is calling the kettle black. harvest season is approaching, horde your emotions and start the poaching. two wrongs don't make a right but it makes the wrongs rightly wrong. hushed dislike fueled by the explosion of opinions that have seemed to burst through the already cracking egg shell. you're hardly as innocent as you're ventriloquist face perceives and i haven't been given the opportunity to deceive you, try me.. i dare you. the wishy washy tone of your whole existence is trying to paint a satire picture for your dwindling audience. rise to the occasion, welcome to the freak show, we're different types of monsters but i'm sure we can handle this like mere foes.