Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Hanging Out With Your Past Selves

a suspension of sorts,
buoying in a sky of a haphazard daydream,
elated by the sunlight coming in through a window
stained with broken glass and bits of fabric.
hanging out with your past selves,
the ones who are encouraging you 
to clamber out of the window
into memory. you swerve against the grain
end up in recent percolations of things 
that have half happened,
things you've half felt, 
things you haven't fully embraced 
but you want to,
you sure as hell want to.
intrigued by your own memory, 
fact or fiction?
it is the way you perceived it…  
the way you interperatated things,
but you stop and reel on the fact 
of how authentic
is the gray matter atop your head, 
the same mishapened orb
that controls the waves of notice 
that are coursing through your body map.
when you tumble forward into current day, 
closer to the possibilities of nightmares,
your mind still sizzling 
with the opportunity of an experience you're craving.

Monday, April 27, 2015

A Freckle of Boredom

silly wabbit, what's up doc?
placate the brewing storm of thoughts as a frenzy of enchanted indifference seeps into the entire self worth of possibilities. waiting for a walking man that is never going to show up and making mad dashes across intersections of your heart. tipping the wire, a means for explosion, knocking off the top hat on your sheltered secrets. a magic man has lost his rabbit and finds it's meekness in you; divine and beautiful, 
interesting with a freckle of boredom., i want every other freckle. 

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Carbonated Laughter

a rolling chuckle gains momentum and launches itself into the atmosphere. i feel the carbonation of that laughter click and frenzy and bounce about parts of me. making it's way up the spin and through the eyes there is laughter ringing in my ears. a magnetic connection envelopes pieces here and there and stows them away for appropriate times, unfazed by questions and open for victory. 
Come forth and be, let's be victorious, 

Friday, April 24, 2015

Unhealthy Playmates

unhealthy playmates depict the distress and try to resuscitate the creative juice that is shaken not stirred. a different kind of diet armed to the teeth with hefty emotions and moments of absolute clarity that pop into vision like instant photography and fade in a sunshine that hasn't been around for ages. where has this surf come from? the pull is strong, confusing and tainted.. the ebb is constant and the questions are still questioning the unquestionable experiences and prospects that are worth prospecting 
flutter back and forth like a cheap game of volleyball.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Messing Yourself Up

in the spirit of inquiry,
the importance of morals
seems to trickle away, and
before you on a clean plate
of deprivation, you can't help
but wonder about the potential
foul. no longer benched, but not
yet in the game, the personal calculations
come to a wayward halt.
an outcome truly
unexpected of the self.
thoughts climb atop one
another, the wrongs turn a
wonderful shade of gray and
you notice the loop holes in your own idealistic. to take the plunge
into a territory you yourself has deemed restricted, is both brilliant and entirely stupid. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Permanent Funny Bone Smiles

they wore smiles on their faces as if they had permanently hit their funny bones and the tingle just wouldn't quit. a delighted mix of fun and pain. the whites of their eyes as bright as bleached teeth, muted pupils getting lost in their own colour. searching for something wholesome in a fractured world, the pads of their fingers seeking genies to appear in cotton candy coloured smoke to grant wishes of loud love. deaf to the little things their hunger grew bigger then themselves. a thirsty state over came the bigger picture and soon the decision to quench this thirst was easier done than said. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Patriotism of The Self, Esteem.

hands as big as moons, waving in a word storm that is rapidly firing out of the mouth and shaking your bones like American flags in the wind, a breath with a tinge of ramen. it unhooks the clasp on your heart and our tumbles birds, their battered wings still capable of soaring high into the sky, your heartbeat becomes a universal soundtrack. tracing the desired nightmare out the window and under the lamp light. we are only closer to seeking the wardrobe that will let us back into all the normal problems brewing inside of us, frothy beer pints for limbs. there is a reach of peculiar affairs that have planted themselves inside of us and grow like weeds, we ignore them until they cloud our vision and nibble on our thoughts, greedy little voices, that sound like our own, whispering.. come out come out wherever you are ..but we're unsure of where to go because we don't know where we are. patriotism of the self, esteem? but they say too much can cause a scene, not looking to go to war, just something to believe.