Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Rubber-Necked At Your Complexion

you crept in like a storm from the south;
warm and violent and flushed,
unexpected and eager to make your mark.
i rubber-necked at your complexion.
tried to make sense of myself in your freckles.
in a rush to make things different,
you threw your words like bullets,
looking to hit just about anything.
you nicked my mind,
grazed my soul,
left a symptom,
similar to a soldier's,
there in the folds of cranium.
embedded like a bad infection.
i can't seem to keep you off my mind.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Eliminating Weeks

the overly involved rummaging 
through deep dish 
emotional baggage that 
may or may not eliminate 
the next couple of weeks 
into a blurry haze of 
shoulda, coulda, wouldas..

the sombre thoughts of maybes that seem 
to be piling up under the leaky window, 
the disconnected telephone making long 
distances calls to your guts that are filled 
with butterflies and lightening. 
optical preservation 
of things you saw in fashion 
magazines getting distorted 
by things you've seen on the news and why 
shouldn't we be able to 
walk home alone at night..

turn the lamp on it's side for a
different perspective, 
having a conversation that
 doesn't come back to fornication..
and when was the last time you
addressed an envelope with good news..

finish off the bottle, 
i don't care what the reason is anymore.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Hamburger Solutions

my thoughts play a game of chicken on the busy circuit board in my mind, late at night when i am trying to sleep. distracted to a point past slumber, i really am awake, trying to solve my subconscious problems. nothing makes sense in there and factors like the burger i was craving three days prior suddenly rise as probable answers. anything can be solved with a hamburger. i run away from myself to end up facing myself, its a twisted maze of self creating. when i awake i cant remember everything to it's fullest and that irks me more than ever having met myself in a dream anyway. one thing for certain i could go for a hamburger right about now. 

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Social Blunders

you pick up your socks and you displace yourself, feels good don't it? you unfold your socks into their spots and stretch out, comfortable, right? you fiddle with an old lighter that was tucked into a front pocket of your best pair of jeans, a mini firework show at the tips of your fingers. you think back. you think on it. you've come this far, lost a few gained, a few more. the world levels itself out. your world, on a teeter totter of social blunders. you think back on them, their faces and in all your memories you remember some malice 
but can't find the point in time when they aimed it at you.