Sunday, March 31, 2013

Surfing the Internet in a Mermaid Tail

She wore butterfly wings and a mermaid tail.
For she wanted to feel both the highs and lows of her existence
and she wanted to be beautiful while she did it.
She preferred talking to people on the Internet
because she wanted their words and not their emotion,
she feared what their words might actually mean and their tones
would define that and she wanted to be with them
in the same glow of the browser.
She surfed the Internet with her mermaid tail.
The only high she got was high scores on Internet games.
All of her friends were virtual, swapping viral diseases
of information all the while
being so misinformed in a fish bowl of strangers.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

She Mispronounces Truth and Leaves Lies

She's present with her dislocated sentences.
Everything has become a run on sentence,
so far gone she can't keep up.
The grammar for which she chooses
seems to be picked out like clothing
yet she has horrible taste.
She mispronounces truth and leaves lies.
A question with no matter or facts
but a blank canvas to present exquisite intricacies.
Without keeping all the ducks aligned
she surely creates a wayward pond
of moments without punctuation.
For the question mark
has certainly become
her first and last name
and any character that was salvageable
has fallen through all the holes in an endless labyrinth,
a ruthless path of mediocrity and boredom.
And she surely could not recite her story for you
from start to finish because the plot is always changing
and she hasn't figured out when exactly she should finish.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Blue for Her

He wanted to be blue for her;
She looked better next to the aquamarine of the ocean,
Under the indigo smear of the twilight sky,
she was luminous and warm,
The morning sky she awoke to held opportunity,
She was better connected when the navy sky was interrupted
with cracks of lightening and burps of thunder.
He wanted to be blue for her.
He wanted to be her ocean and twilight
her warmth and opportunity
he wanted to be her calm and storm.
He was determined to be her Blue.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Shipwreck On Our Beaches

Your lies are unraveling one at a time. The disguises are dissolving, untying the ties. Your clock has run up all of it's time displaying the ugliness of your ill devised manner. It must've gotten hot for your mascara is running, actually wait, your plastic is melting, leaving you looking exactly how you are. All the glam and the glory the dye and the clothing the words and the wishes you've thrown into our atmosphere are hitting your face like a crater of responsibility. You're a shipwreck on our beaches and we're trying to ignore all the wasted pieces.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Coffee Women

She was looking for a man with all the qualities she knew she liked;
a tall one,
dark but she'd go for a blonde,
warm and timely,
she wanted them to be there
in the morning, afternoon, and evening, but not too late..
she wanted them instantly,
and didn't want to share,
she wanted them at home
and on the go, she wanted
to see them before she
went to work,
she wanted to take them on walks
and share tiny desserts..
she was beginning to settle,
for she realized everything she
wanted in a man was in a cup
of coffee.. and a cup of coffee
was just as hot and likely to burn her..
a cheaper risk for warmth.

Saturday, March 16, 2013


Of course, you have to pre-drink. 
You must fully approve of the act of saving money 
by getting partially/equally wasted in the 
comfort of your home
 for half the cost so you only have to 
spend the other half 
while your out to even the buzz instead of 
going out sober and spending a 
solid double,
 even triple the money on booze. 
It's best money saver I know.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Eyes Go Glazed

looking through dirty windows
i see my breath cling to the pane,
trying to match my pain i think of
what is happening on the other side
(can they see me) i dont try to hide
i like the way the gunk on the window
and my reflection seem to become one i now look the way i feel 
..there is
a certain kind of silence and sound
that is happening as i watch everything unfold in front of me, 
behind a dirty window you seem to
turn towards me but i can't line up your vision (are you even looking at me) 
or through me and through the dirty window all at once (i call to you) 
but you cannot hear me for the dirt has muffled my sounds so i stare at you 
and them and her and everyone as you all seem to kind of stare at 
me i dont realize you will never come for me 
until the dirt cakes over over and my eyes go glazed.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Equally Weak and Strong

dripping differences
time is beginning to grow slower, yet still quickens 
looking at everything half empty, when in actuality 
there is some fullness to the lies that i have spun
there is a bed, i bed i will probably lay in
if i get around to it
ive grown so tired
of all the misconceptions and all the ballgames
ive lost something
or i want something
and i dont know what it is
or what to do 
or how to obtain it
but i will try, 
to cut the ties
to all the bullshit.
and rise to some other occasion
perhaps make up my own
for a celebration is in order
i am constantly growing stronger and weaker everyday 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Breathing to Create

Quiet pitter patter inside my mind telling me to create, and as I create I am inspired to breathe. And breathing keeps me seeing. Lately I've been so in the dark. Struggling for air. Only this stand still can become so destroying, tearing me apart. Turning the engine to a revving red light. I want to breathe. Therefore, I need to create.