Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Diabolical Plans / Interesting Concepts

Diabolical plans and interesting concepts.
Find me a pen I am bleeding these thoughts out
of my head and I couldn't save myself If I tried, 
for the ink is running way too dry. There is a film that
has adapted to the spaces between my words.
This is where the passion blurs like tears messing up your vision.
Open wide, Sweeteyes, for there is something much
grander here than all these words and sugared lies.
I cannot persist without the tryst for you have made your bed.
Silly folk, with uncommon jokes, slowing down time. 
The decision to stay is casted away with the action of leaving.
All I can do is write about the unconscious decisions and glooming plans.
Not taking a stand because the lack of temptation has me sitting.

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