Thursday, December 20, 2012

Familiar Stars and Stripes

and there was nothing to remember, nothing more to remember, just the flag that blew up in flames.
i wasn't even there, countries away, i wasn't even inside myself - far off i felt like i was drowning.
there was so inclination of hope, of restitution. there was no such things - i'm starting to believe
these things never really were on a makeshift table, ready for people to sample to savour.
there is a different kind of feeling when it happens so far, yet with the means of today,
everything is happening much closer than they appear. the emotions are high in such times.
there is a seeping stench that is wafting from where terrible things happen, and i can see
the fire that burns and the pain that was caused even from my sky, where there are no
stars and there are no stripes, there is nature and colour blocks and eventually... a
not so safe place, because evil is in the air, and no where is safe, and slowly we're all
apart of such a horrible place, a televised horror and we're waiting for a familiar face.

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