Thursday, March 14, 2013

Eyes Go Glazed

looking through dirty windows
i see my breath cling to the pane,
trying to match my pain i think of
what is happening on the other side
(can they see me) i dont try to hide
i like the way the gunk on the window
and my reflection seem to become one i now look the way i feel 
..there is
a certain kind of silence and sound
that is happening as i watch everything unfold in front of me, 
behind a dirty window you seem to
turn towards me but i can't line up your vision (are you even looking at me) 
or through me and through the dirty window all at once (i call to you) 
but you cannot hear me for the dirt has muffled my sounds so i stare at you 
and them and her and everyone as you all seem to kind of stare at 
me i dont realize you will never come for me 
until the dirt cakes over over and my eyes go glazed.

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