Friday, August 16, 2013

Lousy Lie of Tiredness

i was deeply impressed by the way it looked like you were swimming in a sea of butter yellow cloth when you awoke, stretching beside me. i closed my eyes lightly, so that my eyelashes would feather at the top of my cheeks, that you wouldn't see any sign of 'scrunch' because i had been watching you for hours. you nudged me and smiled, i opened my eyes with a lousy lie of tiredness but you didn't call my bluff and cooed about the day, half wasted, that you didn't mind and that we could stay in the sea of yellow, our own private oasis, for the whole day if i pleased. i wanted that. you and me, inside the coolness of my comforter. clinging to each other on our very own life raft as we traveled through a day together in our own little mission; bed bath and beyond.

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