Sunday, February 9, 2014

Drenched in Each Other's Sentences

There as departure took place there was
fragments of the conversation clinging
to the whites of their eyes. The iris
eagerly acted like a sponge, trying to
slurp up the words that had just been
spoken. There was a moment that
wasn't documented when the spiral
of thoughts and decisions floated
out of the mouth of an almost lover
and wrapped themselves around the
other like the offering of a jacket
at the slightest notice of shiver.

The shiver wasn't a sense of coldness
but calmness and a severe attack of want
on the physical self, an outer body
experience noticed but not documented.
A fleeting sense of attention as tongues
flick out what the mind is conjuring and
biting lips and batting eyelashes
more quickly because you don't want
to miss seeing each and every syllable
tumble onto the table between you.

Departure winds up, seems to be getting closer
with each ignored tick of the clock.
Farewells and See You Again Soons
keep murmuring voices within your
lungs from gasping out and collapsing
the house of words just built around you.

You go home with a settling fire
inside your mind and new thoughts
churn and excitement grows for
another time for you to share them.

Night welcomes you both, separately,
leaving both drenched in each other's sentences.

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