Tuesday, May 20, 2014

We Create Condensation

We've created condensation.
I trace our heavy breathing in the windows of the back seat of your brother's mustang.
We've crumpled ourselves into a spit ball, all limbs and soggy skin.
Our hair mashes into one another, forming constellations on our foreheads.
We aren't that young and not that in love, but we find solace here within each other.
You're much wiser than I remember.
You wear combat like a pair of gloves, I can feel your battles in your hands.
Your eyes beg me to spill about my troubles, but you mouth doesn't dare speak.
You lap at my skin like a thirsty kitten, I can't help but feel at home.
You've got to get back..
You have to get back…
I have to go…
We've created condensation. 

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