Monday, September 8, 2014

Horde Your Emotions, Start The Poaching

the rhetorical expressions, the damned feeling damned in a world of damnation. funny how things don't matter until they've seemed to pick someone else's brain matter. there is no temperamental idealistics when the pot is calling the kettle black. harvest season is approaching, horde your emotions and start the poaching. two wrongs don't make a right but it makes the wrongs rightly wrong. hushed dislike fueled by the explosion of opinions that have seemed to burst through the already cracking egg shell. you're hardly as innocent as you're ventriloquist face perceives and i haven't been given the opportunity to deceive you, try me.. i dare you. the wishy washy tone of your whole existence is trying to paint a satire picture for your dwindling audience. rise to the occasion, welcome to the freak show, we're different types of monsters but i'm sure we can handle this like mere foes.

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