Sunday, November 16, 2014

A Bruise Percolates

the crossword hint points to the word, SIGH. there is a heavy flickering on the roads of my heart that are signaling thoughts that my mind can't quite churn. they have taken to the avenues of my arteries to express their weight within me. the moment when your heart and mind cannot respectively connect the dots appropriately. the inside of me must look like a child's colouring book, skewed outside the lines, yet still a lovely picture. everything in it's proper place pulsating keeping the person that i am alive, but the person i am becoming is to be determined to destroy that. Personal contradictions. I am my own worst friend, my best enemy. A bruise percolates colour to the surface and exposes a galaxy that was harvested long before I had decided anything. A trove of treasures of exactly what I should be is revealing itself on the shrunken shore of futuristic moves and in this game called life I ought to take a spin, with you. 

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