Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Instant Mayhem of Absolute Living

the foolish frenzy of dazzling ideas all mixed up, 
shuffled into a swift deck that is begging you to take action. 
for the words tumble drying out of your mouth are brittle, 
they will not survive 
in the instant mayhem of absolute living we strive to do. 
the calendar is not our master.
it's a short distance for all of us, 
some even shorter,
we're going to run this trek. 
collecting fragments of ourselves in the vast gullies 
of where ever will have us.
catching glimpses of one another's teeth; 
laughter the soundtrack, 
we're feeling like a balmy day nowhere near summer, 
an abundance of questions and answers, 
baiting the end of our hooks,
we've got the time, 
but we don't got the need to figure it out.
thoughts keep percolating, we keep them pouring out.

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