Monday, September 19, 2011

Shut Up and Talk to Me

Jumping jack emoticons and this is nothing but a text message love affair. Adding and subtracting, letters from words to make them appear less meaningful. “Luv” replaces love and “I want you”s linger on the literary disaster of “wanna chill”. Electronic hugs and kisses making up for a physical connection. Connecting to WiFi is seemingly more important than connecting with each other, on a more personal level. Charging batteries so hearts can beat longer, we are already living in a robotic age, where we have come to grip what were feeling with the buttons of a keyboard. Goodnight turning into “gnite” and good morning were a thing of the past. Chivalry is not dead mind you it has taken on an entire new form, an entire entity of wave lengths, instead of holding doors we hold Blackberries and iPhone, instead of politely saying your departure you text acronyms like “GTG” “TTYL” in a word where languages are a everywhere, we slack on the very essence of what we want to say to obtain what we want. Don’t text it to, say something to me, anything, don’t talk to me in your letters and half slacked words where you have gone an sawed off the flavor of the words. Say something. Shut up and talk to me.

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