Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Match Make You Over

The object of your eye, attainable. However, the ruins you have decided to sleep in keep you from obtaining and have you restraining from admitting just exactly what you want to admit. Full of wants. You want this and that and some of this and some of that, like Frankenstein's bride. Match make you over and keep whatever you want for spare parts. Access denied. You are disqualified because it is clearly recognized you aren't worth the trouble. Tripping on ideas, and loose ends. Trying them out for size, glistening post-its of happiness keep you reeling in more and more and the hourly addiction to whom you are attracted to begins a frenzy in your membrane and you take two steps forward to take twenty steps back and we're at exactly at the pivotal moment of walking on, moving on. The action of gathering one's pride and stuffing it into their pockets so they won't have to carry on their shoulders, and the action of pushing.. Pushing your feelings all the way down

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