Sunday, April 21, 2013

Your Business is a Disease, Left For Someone Else to Catch

your business is not something i want to invest in.
you in general are just  a waste of space and are
eating up my contributions to society in the
most unnatural, unpleasing, and severly unhygienic
ways. your business is something like laundry,
and you've hung it to dry in the most public of
places, leaving it in the park for anyone to come
and gander, to poke and prod, to make assumptions and to assume 
is surely what is happening, but you're in the business of lies and deceit, 
of debt and regret. your business is a sinking ship 
and even those become valuable because the legends
 start up and there are souvniers and we are all suddenly standing in line waiting 
for the foam fingers and light up sticks so we can show 
that we had known and known all along. your business is a closed shop on the corner 
of a downtown street; filled with squatters and bad publicity. 
you are the face of a serious problem. your business is something i want away from
but it's like a toxic poison dripping into all the outlets and found
 on bus stops and under couch cushions. you business is a disease left 
for someone else to catch, you think your operation is baseball 
but you are missing all your targets and all your balls have fallen out of your basket. 
your business is something we don't want to get into. 
but you've corrupted our lives with all your cries and i am trying to cut all ties, 
but to cut the ties would mean to die and to die by your side; 
would be such an incredibly fucked up thing to do 
because your bed has been made, and lay with the roaches you will
 because the flowers have all spoiled and you words are charred and broiled 
and i hope you get out of the business of being in our business, 
you filthy animal.

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