Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Your Cheap Tricks and Foul Inclinations Won't Dazzle Us

It all comes down to what we know. The information we harbor inside ourselves. The lights that will have a go, twitching on and off to signal that we are defying what we know. Our external sensors become noticeably irritated and we boil right to the tips of our eyelashes because of what we know. We've known all along and we've made a note of it in our hard drives but then other beings harboring the exact same information decide to work differently with it and decide we should too. But we don't. Because we can't and we won't. So everything we know becomes twisted with this absurd energy trying to will it to change. It all comes down to what we know. And I definitely know the racks of information pertaining to you is absolute rubbish, just like the pit that resigns where your heart should be. You're a parasite to yourself and to present company... always trying to rewrite the information we know. 
But your cheap tricks and foul inclinations won't dazzle us.

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