Sunday, June 2, 2013

Consume and Kill Each Other

we breathed in the madness that was collecting
in the night around us, we had contributed such
sordid ideas with quick glances and shuffling feet,
we had wanted to be so near and so far from one
another all at once that we didn't know what
to do with all our thoughts but let them fall
over our lips and into the company of our
present, they looked at us, stunned and
conflicted. the wheels in their heads started
to spin and we willed the grit to settle on their
shoulders so that they could take some of our
weight. the wait we had for each other was
long over, fizzled out, now flat like soda left in
it's can out in the sun for hours, stung by bees
wanting to dance in it's syrup... 
we were so deathly sweet for each other and it
was all melting, all the chocolate kisses
now laid stale and broken and we wanted
the entire night to be aware of our battling
desire to both consume and kill each other.
the night so raw, exposed you exposing me
exposing you while the madness settled
and the whispers died to a silent vibration,
your cellphone sizzled on the table;
your other begging you to give up on me.

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