Thursday, September 5, 2013

My Love Drinks Because of You

a drunken confession of sober love. a drunken courage concurring sober fear. there is a sort of strength that you embody with each swig of beer, and there is a sort of lust that approaches with each sip of wine. i have this lusty strength for you. a sober thought while i'm half in the bag. i stumble in the right direction to make all of the wrong moves. i fumble with my phone to make out the right sentences to you, and in return, all the wrong spelling breaks my heart. a sense of calmness when i am usually so anxious around you. a loose affection, wound so tightly under the influence of both heart and substance. my love lacks this vigor when i am jaded by my conscious self, but in the blanket of absolution… i can surrender and love you more openly and more wildly, more possessively and intently than any sober love in me could ever do.. and to that and to you, I drink because of you.

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