Wednesday, September 4, 2013

To Be The Condensation On Your Beer Bottle

the condensation appeared on your beer bottle. your hand grasped it and there was a slight clench of your wrist as you tried not to drop it. i encouraged with my eyes, trying to force your grasp to weaken and send that bottle crashing, so that I could appear and be your hero. you were stronger than the power of my eyes. the bottle raised to your lips and i willed myself to feel refreshed, as if you were sipping me down the length of your being. i longed to be the condensation on your beer bottle so that i could cling to your skin and remain until your heat evaporated me into your atmosphere. i imagined the sky then slowly blooming into darkness and the clouds releasing me down upon you in big heaping raindrops. I would pray for the sun to stay away as I cling to your beard and you ran for cover.

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