Sunday, October 6, 2013

Mermaids for Adidas, Mermen for Wrist Watches

Acidic mermaids day dreamed 
about wearing Adidas while polishing
their scaly tales on a hunk of rock,
shaped like a nipple, just above the
water. While mermen sloshed about
just below the rock's crust under the water, 
waiting to maul their accomplishments with 
their Triton tongues. For mermen day dreamed
of wearing watches, but the fancy kind with a date
stamp and compass, not the all inclusive waterproof
brand that would further entrap them within their
watery existences. Acidic mermaids dreamed of
layups and mermen wanted so badly to splash them
with court side puddles.  Mermen wanted the opening
and closing of legs while mermaids were willing to
split their tails in no time. Everyone with different agendas
while wearing shoes and watches. 

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