Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Shaker Full of Mixed Emotions

A thunderous feeling rolls in just behind the temples and as if its an expert in Morse code it sends tiny vibes throughout the mind telling the body to react. A wave of indifference shocks the system causing an instant recoil. Contemplation creeps up the spine and forces the shoulder to edge forward. Knees shake, a personal quake, and bring the body down to a slump. The angel and devil combo, that once rested on the perch of shoulders, now battles in the gut and costs the body an arms worth of mental anguish. The body strives for a certain company, longs for rain without an umbrella, but the mind and it's logic beg for shelter. A constant dog pile of thought and feeling. A shaker full of mixed emotions and not a single cocktail glass in sight. 

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