Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Money is everything.
Dishing out Crayola to
buy cases of heavy soda.

And we're all about the
fizz, the carbonation is
the motive for the kids.

There is a value to our
lives that don't make sense,
with everyone piling
up the cents,
what’s senses to cents.

To ‘Like’ is a different combination.
Electronic affection infiltrating
mass production of organic copulation.

Anti-viruses have become
the condom of our lives.
Protecting all the information
we're trying to disguise.

And we all see the world
through a different shade of
Internet Explorer blue, while
we nurse our blues from the
over use of bytes and gigs.

And when was the last time you
got a bite and scored tickets to
a gig and rocked out from behind
the desk that shields your body from
the jive and keeps you shackled from
nine to five and in reality isn't
helping you survive.

Money is everything.
Making bad investments in
created lands that create
you fans and make you feel
apart of something like a fam.

But these faceless writers
are in a jam, looking for
stimulation from your
hand, hands, nothing sexual,
nothing on land, everything
a figment of your imagination.

Everything is money,
how much can you stand?

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  1. I love this. Can you rap too? Lol