Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Golden Beer Coloured Lagoon

It happened like that.
This moment in time, where all I could hear was the slow chew of dry cereal from the mouth of a kitten who had just realized they were suppose to be a puppy, but born with the wrong set of paws and into the wrong suit. They've had to make whatever they could with the nine lives that was dealt their way. Within this moment in time, I also heard alligators contemplating their differences with crocodiles, but they could all agree on the crocodile rock because, truthfully so, who couldn't. It rocks. I envisioned this coastline, within this moment, and I think it might've been me sitting on it admiring what looked like Swiss cheese clouds and in the golden beer coloured lagoon that this coastline hugged seem to be actual gravy boats passing me by. I think of that kitten, dreaming to be a puppy, all the time.

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