Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Kisses Floundering in Our Atmosphere

all the kisses thrown off balconies and out car windows to roads of travellers, 
all the kisses tossed off the side of boats that make their way to the ocean floor 
get swept to countries far away. 
all the kisses on the battle fields, there must be a million. 
all the kisses we don't think about on lunch breaks and in between classes, 
all the kisses shared under streetlights and after concerts. 
all the kisses on the beach and patios that would allow them possession, 
the stolen kisses amongst over thinking and after meals. 
all the kisses shared, passed around in a group, the orgy of savoring just one inhale. 
all the kisses over coffee and beer. 
all the kisses on the way to work and on the way home. 
all the kisses just tossed to the world. 
all the kisses resting on the tips of the cigarettes floundering in our atmosphere.

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