Friday, February 20, 2015

Incoming Empties Message

please hang up this is a recording..
please hang up this is a..
please hang up this is..
please hang up this..
please hang up..
please hang..
misfire, message undeliverable. 
the person you are currently calling..
no longer exists,
at this point in time, 
due to some tailspin of dire need to displace 
their heart and stow it away in a case of empties,
 a case you'd never think to look 
because the liquid gold is in the one closest to the door. 
please hang up 
and try your call again..
to be more careful with the decibel for which your voice may falter, 
choose wisely the words you wish to spew because 
there is a certain technicality that can be caused 
if you are too wishy washy 
with the correct instructions you are about to give.

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