Saturday, March 7, 2015

Drowning In All That You're Not Experiencing

there is a spill of something half glowing half darker than the night that is flowing against the backdrop of my identity. it is illuminating the screws and tightening the bolts and causing reaction. a slow bump and grind of momentum has plunged and thrashed fragments of whoever i was into whoever i am becoming.. a dazzling state of affairs was bubbling on the cusp of my mind and i think i'm drowning in all the things i'm not experiencing, swan dive into the depths of something that can consume me, and come out consuming. if that's the way the cookie crumbles, pour me another and let's get on with this. time is a dissolving thing, sure we heard about it. but procession in the lessons of things that won't educate, there is no need to breed hate, so whatever happened sucked, but better to let it dissolve with all that lapsing time and soak up the things that matter because those things are stronger than time. it is all adding up to whoever i am going to become tomorrow and thereafter.

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