Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fall into the Fall with the Summer Heat

Load the water guns with the perfect amount of whiskey on the rocks. Somersault into my summer heart, and pray to Rock Jesus that you make it backstage to pay your respects to exactly what you believe in. Climb a tree for a better seat and call my name to the stars and when the fireworks do appear, take a picture with your eyes and look into mine so I can see what you've seen, what you see in me. Heart beats so loud they become a track on our favourite road trip play list and I can't help but try to swim inside your mind and leisurely make you feel at home. Can I kiss you already. Claim you to be mine and tell you everything I know. Happy summer days and a pocket full of candy, taste this just for laughs and you'll remember this forever now, no past no present no time wasted because I've got tons of time to spend and I want to spend it all on you. Can I make believe what's real to me, talking into your puckered lips so that you can kiss what I've got to say, and savor the taste on your tongue. Beautiful faces and beautiful times and the times are beautiful right now, don't question it. What are you feeling. What's in your heart and when will all of you, in an entirety, unite and feel something so cohesive that you might want to end the summer with a shot for you and a shot for me and well fall into the fall with the summer heat still at our feet.

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