Thursday, July 14, 2011

Satisfy My Dissatisfaction

Crumbling aspiration and a pipe lined with dreams, where's the draino? Interesting predictions for a brave heart and eyes that pick the pixels out like candies. Toe tapping chimes to the time and just what time is it? Starlight, star bright oh darling which way is right, the right makes sense or was it cents. Worse times for hiccups and yet I cannot control my laughter. Grinding your toe into the hopes of a root beer float. Hmmm, float. Satisfy my dissatisfaction, kiss me quite correctly and how will you be paying for that. I'm in the slums of suburbia, you didn't realize it as much as it was a surprise to me. The green of a stop light and its making me sick, the constant fleeting change of mind, GO. Wait, SLOW down, just you STOP right there lemon drop. Bags filled with the utensils of creativity, doesn't mean you've got it. Cast your written words aside and flush your emotions down with the actual action of making a move because this Jenga game in your head is only driving you crazy, show me your bricks before you break your own back with the pressures you've decided to fill your knapsack with.

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