Thursday, July 14, 2011

I Believe You Are A Belief I Believe In

i think of you more than i realize, more than you know. you hold a creative spot within my soul. simply popping up, in random little places, but always the places i seem to cherish the most. a beautiful little tag, on the corner of a stop sign, the perfect colour and position, the emblem of someones talent. in the moment that my eyes gaze at this piece of art, i think of you. there was a chip in the road, not a pot hole or anything to extravagant, but a chip in the road that made me take notice, looking both ways on the road i bent down and let my fingers trace this chip, and immediately i thought i should call you, give you directions to this chip in the road so that your fingers may feel what i've felt because in that second, i thought of you. i'm not going to flatter you and say you are always on my mind, but behind closed eyelids late at night i still see your sparkle. your flamboyant vision, dances softly across my skin and i often try to taste your identity. i believe in you more than others. and this is not a merit to be rewarded too me. i simply believe in your soul. your stride and strive. your are a warrior at all existence. i believe in the thought of you. the idea of you. the actuality of you. i believe in you when you dont believe in you, and when you think twice about yourself, i've always thought once - one long continual beautiful dreamlike thought that is real in all complexities, in all notions, you are a thought i will continue to think of and embrace the contours of your life. you are everything and a belief at that. i believe in you, that is a fact, and if you stray from the science of my mind.. i will always be here to prove you just that, i believe you are a belief i believe in.

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