Thursday, August 18, 2011

Forge the Fornication

Frazzled fights on fiery nights and bedazzled embezzlement keeping what you don't want buoying on the rim of a salted glass. Contents of the weak hearted slowly spilling from a puncture that happened and was ignored, an ignorance with the potential of bittersweet symphonies. Songs with lyrics that aren't easy to remember. A remembered moment of toppling passion doused in heat. Getting so hot, so quickly with images of you on an overhead projector, a projector of emotions being beamed crossed the room into the candy dish and I'm encouraging your fingertips to rifle through it and pick out the pieces you want, it'll fit your ego like a 100 piece puzzle but your bound to be tipsy with your actions and drop the most important piece right under the sofa and hurried eyes will all see it happening but in their minds, they'll doubt you, you and your ability, the seriousness of ownership and lessen their pride for you because your throwing social obscenities into a crowd of strangers, strange to you comfortable to me and the candy dish will be as empty as it was full, of star cuts of my mind, because someone there soon realizes their is more to those pieces than your tipsy fingers will ever realize. Morning accusations but its way pass 7pm and evening delights with the softest hint of decapitation, slice the air from my lungs and bottle it for the sun, for newest heights will not force you to forge the fornication and wake up on the verge of hesitation, the time is slowly ganging up on you and slowly pushing things in other directions and its swimmingly slow and you don't even know if you sped up just seconds prior you wouldn't misplace exactly what your after. After all your misguiding yourself to a belief you don't believe in but conforming to the comfortability of the way it all swings left.

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