Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Experience The Scenic Route

It's an over used saying with a rift that sounds like happiness, pampered happiness that is. What is so scenic about the route you experience? The scene has long and gone and nature is a novelty and the regurgitated experience you are apart of, the experience for which you take part in is beautiful isn't it, beautiful like plastic. Experience this disco. This flesh. This life. This piece of experience is not a route because taking yours got me no where. No experience, no scene. I saw nothing and hoped for more and its all a little mundane, don't you think. I dare you to move. Move. I dare you to make a sound, for your own sound... Well it all sounds all too familiar. I love your dress, it looks exactly like that one I saw, that one I saw that girl wearing, I mean she had two tone shoes on so it was much more flattering. Flattering than your flat landscape of chivalry? I do give you some admiration towards what you've started. It takes guts. It takes dedication. And it takes a love, a certain kind of love for yourself and for what your doing and you really have started to believe in something, yourself even, you've grown this back bone for you and your pen and for that I am a little half smiled for the efforts you've actually put forth. I don't wish you luck because its not that type of celebration, nor am I celebrating for your mild curiosity in the power of the keyboard but I do notice. I noticed this Experience your interested in portraying, I hope it gets a little more scenic though. Go ahead. Experience this scenic route of subroutine love with a flourished bloom of status quo and melancholy. You sure have got a route there, an experience - I'm not convinced and the scene your thinking of is much different then the fairy tell you've got from write to wrong. Speak up would you, this isn't like the fall it doesn't come and go and if you're here then do it, do something already.. I'm so use to the nothing that this might just surprise somebody. experience this experience for it is quite experiential and it's cool if your testing the water, the water that has long evaporated from your scene. your scene of drama and drama and nicely dressed drama and all done up drama, and the drama your surrounded by is the drama you want to be surrounded by, but maybe that's it.. this is the experience of the scenic route, towards a scene your already apart of, nothing new, and an experience your already experiencing. i don't expect anything new and exciting for this experience of a route so often traveled. This is an experience i've left, a route i've burned down, an ugly scene and i do love some pampered suburanized ugly... show me the route! the experience! the scene!

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