Wednesday, November 9, 2011

We Hear Your Heart A Spinnin'

The sudden miss, like a skip my turn, keep you closer, close the door and throw away the clocks, addressing envelopes to myself and putting pieces of you inside so I'm never without. The distance not so much a troublesome because your ambition kisses me from miles away, sleeping comfortable with the ipod because that's the way you continue to talk to me. Applauding you from my side of the pond - lilly pads under construction resulting in the anchor that has me here, tied to shore, humming melodies that tie balloons to your soles and keep you, your rock of rock and roll abilities, your a fallen star of some sort, landed over there, as if the airplanes can't decide where your talent will be loved the most because all the hearts in the world are beating for your symphonies and I keep hitting repeat. Smile as bright as glow sticks, your glow is brighter than those glow sticks. Missing bus stops to listen to you longer... Electronic conversations that I always give in, requesting you in places where they know your name but to drop the track just wouldn't mean the same things and to miss you from here but to hear you from here... Its worth the waits, your always leaving these fantastic pieces of you wherever you go and we miss you so bold and so brave, and we hear your heart a spinnin'.

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