Monday, November 28, 2011

Hot Potato, I'm Into Mashed

I'm tired of your attitude, your witch's nose and your Charlie Brown's parent voice that you keep bringing around me. Knock it off before I knock you out - LL Cool J cool. You don’t even want to go there, hot potato, I'm into mashed and I'm not affairs to get you back. Don’t tell me to relax, it's done - we're going there, let's dance alien, I am the cowboy and you are the target, water gun power - super soak that hoe… Soulja Boy can't pay his rent but he'll Superman you - whoa. Cartoon fighting, you're seeing stars. Itchy and Scratchy, a little more dynamite. Put your dukes up right away I want to see you try, squirm a little more - attack me with your verbalization of exactly how your feeling, or exactly how your perceive me, I want to hear all your stupid little whispers and your arrogant ways of life, your shoe, the one attached to the ugly soul, has got century gum stuck to it and it's keeping you in the past, but the past is there and it's long gone, and you're in the now, so buckle up - shut up - get a helmet because it's not always going to work in your favor, grow up would you, I dare you, go ahead and try. Take you to the Laundromat, set you on top of this soap box, then will you get it, I can chant and scream and yell at you all you want, your insignificant body taking up space, your opinions', that is fine everyone has them, need to stop being shot at me like bullets, they are rubber and you are plastic, you mean nothing to me. Yet still, I want to watch you crumble, watch you melt under this heat I'm bringing because you will no longer try and defeat me I don’t care if you know the system, how long you’ve been here, step aside and recognize I am not your daughter.

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