Thursday, February 2, 2012

Conjugate Me Like a Verb

a super absorbent moment, this is not a tampon commercial. a relatively sexy, yet dignified moment from all of my best friends. a toast, with pop tarts to the concurrent lifestyle of you and me, me and you. the self within the self begging for silence with the loudest, beast-like tone it can conjure up. conjugate me, like a verb. dancing to the rain, and it's not even raining, but the demise of the weather is playing like jelly tentacles in the pit of another's mind. a love affair, lasting a thousand years, and begging for more sexuality. the hype of nothing. the nothing for a hype so surreal it leaves your heart poppin' like a balloon filled with explosives. light a match, match me up. forget about the whole ordeal. order another one of those deals, the two for one's. i really would like another milkshake, why are all the boys in my backyard? twisting the knife made of crystal, angled into the right light for a disco party glam shock rock scene.

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