Thursday, February 23, 2012

Weight of Your Absoluteness

the defeating sound of not just giving up but believing in the strength that giving up is the best decision you've got. deciding things that should've been decided a long time ago, sadly the decibel in this decision has to prelude into higher notes and sure this is a real bad situation but not as bad as the larger one we've been sitting in. done. like dinner? no forget it, because once dinner is done you get dessert and we are no where close to the good stuff, never have been entitled to the good stuff. leaving the scene, closing the curtain, forgetting the credits because why would you get credit for the amount of ache you've caused in a social life that was experience such absoluteness in a light way, and now the weight of your absoluteness is causing a coating of fret. I am so tired of fretting over the insignificant things you are made up of.. lacing up all the words and things I've cherished and subletting them to a category that you have now been banished too.

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