Sunday, February 12, 2012

Punctuating Watercolours

the absent mind, not so absently kicking thoughts to and from. A sadistic little tongue twister with the ability to drown the heart and set fire to the small swellings in the eyes, the spot that causes the tears. The isolation of muted emotion. The auto correction of action that shouldnt be made and the premeditated resistance. Knives close, forks far. Heart in a cage, close the door, saunter heartlessly into the trade world, same world that is going to snatch the emoticons from your devices and misplace punctuation reversing words and punctuating the heart. the dislocation of all that has been properly volleyed off shore and into the ruins. the wishy washy ways of affection and the screaming attention to the mind that misplacing the stupidities will only cause my causalities, and how many times are you willing to die for the same person, the same reason? the same fight, all washed out. let the water colours soar through other lives, there is nothing left of this picture.

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