Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Fossil of Misunderstandings

Dripping hair, I've crawled from the sea. 
Not one of those ocean treasures you hear about on TV. 
Wasn't apart of something magical, like a fairy tale ball. 
Didn't meet a prince, lose a slipper, or even fall. 
Clothes clinging to my skinned skeleton, see my bones all slimey. 
I've crawled from a place I put myself, deep under the ripples of the world. 
Not encrusted with stories to share of the fish, and all those mer-people definitely myths. 
Dripping hair, I've crawled from the sea, tried to drown the sorrows that have erupted inside of me. 
Placed myself right at the bottom, against the rubble and those creatures no one has names for. 
I couldn't breath or even see - it felt nice to feel outside of me. 
I rested there for what seemed like ages, saw the depths that never changes. 
Decided it would probably be best, to get myself some sunlight at best. 
Dragged my bag of bones up towards the sky, thinking I'd make it to this place called heaven. 
Turns out this could be limbo. We're all in the inbetween. 
The sun touches thing and warms them, dries them. 
We're all wandering and waiting till we can extend further into the clouds. 
I'm not searching for a haven or for anything resembling heaven. 
Gathering myself with the coolness of the sea. 
I've dragged my body to the sun to dry and to try. 
Dripping hair, I've crawled for the sea. 
Hopefully leaving the heaviest parts of me below 
for the next lost and hopless creature to see. 
A fossil of the misunderstandings I use to carry with me.

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