Thursday, September 20, 2012

Like Angels in Electric Chairs

the stars, 
gathering together, 
a silent audience, 
only sparkling at the 
mere sight of you, for 
their thoughts are somewhere, 
somewhere lost in space. 
the rare occurrence of becoming, 
something bigger and larger, 
the life that has been presented to you is just 
the play dough.. 
take your hands and shape it. 
the shape that it will take 
can change and will change. 
the want. 
the need. 
the change, doesn't always agree. 
it sneaks up on you like 
angels in electric chairs. 
it mocks and befriends you. 
the stars they are there. 
you can see them, so 
that must be the proof. 
but there is no proof 
to the illusion of your heart sorrowing miles high to catch the speed of 
something galactic. 
people on earth, looking outward. 
people outward looking in. 
the change. 
the want. 
the need. 
stars and people. 
people wanting to be stars. 
change for the better. 
change for the worst. 
the not so rare occurrence 
of everyone around.

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