Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dreamland, Aisle 2

Broken down TVs and excuse me Ms. Squeeze Me but this is not a petting zoo and I cannot be touching you incase.. 
I am infested with distorted images of my once muse, who is just a pin cushion of bad news, trippin' off a bad cruise and keeps squealin,
"I don't know what to dooo."
 Triple "oh" confusion, downed with triple stiff liquid and there is some sort of triple dissection going on in this election of best selections... and you're just a lipstick smear on a politician's napkin, but these politics are kind of wet and out of time and you better get back to your nine to five, 
destination Dreamland, aisle two, coming up on the right side of wrong on you. Stay wide or crash and burn into the Hollywood sign, the blindside.

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